DBA: GALLERIA FOODS WHOLESALE, LA Founded in 1995, Hong Chang Corporation became a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler specializing in market supply of authentic Asian foods in the United States. Its commitment to supply top of the line products, implement strict quality assurance policies and focus on customer satisfaction has made Hong Chang Corporation to be the distributor of choice by many restaurants and grocery chain stores in the nation. The company has grown and currently distributes to 30 states in the nation.


DBA: GALLERIA FOODS WHOLESALE, LA In January of 2002, Hong Chang Corp opened for the first business named Galleria Foods Wholesale at 3250 W. Olympic blvd In order to accommodate greater demand of Korean and Asian restaurants. For the past 15 years business, Sai Chang Inc. has always tried to be a leading provider of authentic and top quality Asian Foods in the LA area at competitive prices. Sai Chang Inc will strive to achieve consistent customer satisfaction and pursue innovative market strategic to remain competitive.


DBA: GALLERIA FOODS WHOLESALE, ROWLAND HEIGHTS In July of 2012, with the increase of Asian population causes interest of authentic Asian foods, Hong Chang Corp opened for the 2nd business named United Seagull Foods, inc at 18313 E. Colima Road, Rowland Heights. United Seagull Foods Inc. provides an overseas specialty food which cannot get anywhere and it brings taste of home for customers who miss their hometown.



We measure our success by fulfilling the customer’s needs. Our knowledgeable staffs have years of industry experience. To be on-time delivery, we maintain in-house freezer and cooler and a fleet of refrigerated trucks to meet our local customer’s needs in a quick and efficient manner. A network of transportation companies ensures safe and timely delivery to other states of America.
No matter where the customer is, our quality products are just a phone call away!


Thanks to our dedicated team of staff and our loyal customer, we have developed a wide spread of satisfied customers in all regions. ?Looking forward, we’ll continue to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our royal customers and bring more and more delicious and healthy food products to meet our customer’s expectation.